Talk Four

The fourth talk for The Fe Collective.

For talk four we are so lucky to have two beautiful women who are sharing their story of trauma and how starting a business became a way to process and focus all the emotional and physical effects that come with these tough experiences. We do want to note that these stories cover pregnancy and infant loss, and while we know how difficult they will be to tell we know that they may also be tough to hear. Both Laura and Remy will be telling their stories with our full support and compassion, and we extend this to our Fe community as well.


5.00pm Mingle (if you like)
5.30pm Laura Grzelak of Link & Luna
6.15pm Remy Ellicott of Baby in Time
6.45pm Mingle some more

We are again being hosted by Annie Everingham in her beautiful Waratah studio—"Mode X Annie Everingham Studios".

Come and find me from 5pm on Tuesday the 7th of May. I'll be the one serving you your complimentary drink on arrival.

Sara x