Talk Seven

The seventh talk for The Fe Collective. Please note for this talk we are moving to the second week in November so as not to clash with the Melbourne Cup.


5.00pm Mingle (if you like)
5.30pm Speaker One
6.15pm Speaker Two
7pm Mingle some more

We are again being hosted by Annie Everingham in her beautiful Waratah studio—"Mode X Annie Everingham Studios".

We have two types of tickets available. The Fe ticket gives you a seat and a glass of wine. For our mumas or others who want to stand with a pram or be a bit more flexible and aren't fussed about a glass of wine we have Trooper tickets available for a reduced price.

Come and find me from 5pm on Tuesday the 12th of November. I'll be the one serving you your complimentary glass of red wine on arrival. Yes it's red wine season!

Sara x